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Today is the day we have all been waiting on. The day we leaving Chicago to travel to Brazil. One of the biggest countries in South America. Our flight will be able seventeen hours. So I hope you are ready for the  air. Don’t forget why we are taking this trip.  Remember how we discuss the  wildlife and the many different birds and  caves that South American has to offer Remember to have the experience of a lifetime because when we return you have to design either your own bird or cave that you witness in Brazil.

                                                                    Have fun

                                                                                     Ms. Brown                                                                   

Welcome to Ms. Brown's Sixth Grade Class


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Travel plans:

Departing Chicago  2/21/09 at 6am

Arriving in Texas 2/21/09 at 9:15 am                                                  


Departing Texas2/21/09 at 11am

Arriving in Brazil International Airport at 2/21/0910 pm


I will be sending out a mass email to all parents to let you know when we arrive in Texas and n Brazil. Don’t worry

we have selected the best class with the best students to take on this journey.  I will also allow them to send postcards to you on the third day which is February 24th. 
















Image Preview      Day 1

Bird watching: We will travel to Pantanal which is the best place to do bird watching in Brazil. The pantanal is the world’s largest wetland. It also has contains the greatest biodiversity of animal species in the Americas, it was features in Guinness book of world records. This event go along with standard four: The physical and human characteristics and places


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We will travel to Rio, brazil where we will visit the Pao de Acuar  mountain which stands for Sugar Loaf mountain and its 2326 feet tall and looks down onto the Rio skyline. We will take a cable car up there and we will get a chance to lay on the beach at the top of the mountain. This also represent standard four:  The physical and human characteristics of place.


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Caving: today we will visit Chapada Diamantina which is surrounding by Hecture National Park which is located in the city of Lencois. Which is known for the finding of diamond vein. Lencois is the third largest state in northern Brazil. While there we will visit one of the largest caves in the world Lapoa Cave which has a large cave lake. This activity has to eal with standard number one how to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and techniques to acquire process and report information from a spatial perspective.


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Shopping: what trip is ever complete without shopping? We will travel to Sao Paulo which is known for there shopping strips. They specialize in jewelry and antiques.  The American dollar is worth four times as much in Brazil.



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